About us

Our motivation?

Making a difference.

As company founders, our motivation came from a passion to make a difference and drive innovation in a specific area. Our desire to create a solution to an existing challenge or fill a gap in the market drove us to found our company in 2016.

The fascinating component for us is the opportunity to implement creative ideas and create something new. The opportunity to realize our vision and have a positive impact on our industry or society as a whole is extremely motivating.

Our mission?

Solve problems.

Photocentric Magna

Our company was born out of a combination of personal experience, observation of market trends and the desire to solve specific problems. We recognized that there was room for improvement or innovative solutions and decided to take action to develop and implement them.

Going to work every day is a privilege for us because we believe in our mission and the values of our company. The opportunity to work with a dedicated team, master challenges and develop innovative solutions makes our work not only fulfilling, but also exciting and rewarding. We value the opportunity to continually learn and grow as we pursue our goals, and this drives us to come to work every day with enthusiasm.